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What others say about us

It’s Time Surrogacy is a surrogacy agency, but to our intended parents and our surrogate mothers we are much more. The emotions that attend difficulty conceiving a child, discussing fertility assistance, or becoming a surrogate are very real. We understand the importance of recognizing and dealing with the feelings as well as the clinical facts in our approach to helping families. In response, we have received these supportive surrogacy testimonials.


The hardest challenge in my life…


was the one that gave me the most heartbreak. No words can express the feeling of sadness, despair and isolation that a woman has when she is unable to sustain a pregnancy. After multiple pregnancy losses, we turned to fertility support services to help us determine what options we could explore next. That is when I met Angela Hartshorn. From that day forward, I knew I had a champion in my corner who was steadfast in her belief and reinforcement that I would have the child I so desperately longed for. Angela’s continuous communication with me, answering my questions at any time of day or day of week, her immediate responsiveness to my calls of concern from any given situation, I knew I wasn’t in this battle alone. She made me feel understood, she listened, she provided me with education, support and constant care. Quite honestly, she took the most emotional roller coaster of my life and helped ease the bends and curves, and made me realize I had someone to lean on to make the experience less stressful. Angela is honestly the reason why I have my beautiful 6-year-old son, as well as my amazing 3-year-old son. She didn’t let me give up in those times of despair. She helped me realize that there was another side to the madness of the battle to become a mom, and she promised me that she would guide me to that other side, and didn’t give up until I was there. I will never forget the day I delivered my first son, and Angela was one of my first non-family visitors who came to officially meet him in the hospital. I say that because to me, she is seen in my eyes as part of my family, the reason I have a family, and I am forever grateful and in awe of Angela’s perseverance to help me get to the finish line of the entrance into motherhood.

-Melissa L.


I met Angela when I was a surrogate…

I’m not sure if I have enough time to explain all that encompasses this wonderful lady and mom. But I hope to do her justice as I highly respect this amazing woman. Her character embodies confidence, honesty, integrity and her greatest quality (in my very humble opinion), perseverance. She has a true love and passion for helping families in this area. It’s her life-long passion to bring joy and completeness to good people struggling to attain the family they deserve and have dreamed of for so long. I was always amazed at her dedication and sacrifice to each and every person she came into contact with and no matter what situation she came across, she handled it with such dignity, delicacy and poise.

-Lauriena M.


Angela is amazing…

If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think that my second time as a surrogate would have been possible. For some reason the fertility drugs weren’t taking and after my second failed attempt at building a good lining, I lost hope. Angela gave me statistics on the different fertility drugs and she told me her suggestion on what she thought would work best with my body. I talked to my fertility doctor, he went with Angela’s suggestion and it worked perfectly! I am now a second time surro mommy thanks to Angela. I am so grateful and forever thankful.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

-Melinda V.


Soon after my husband and I married…

we knew we wanted to add a child of our own to already wonderful brood of three and we knew we would need the assistance of fertility specialists to do so, so we reached out to Angela. Not only was she very quick to respond, but she made it so easy to ask all the questions I had about the process of IVF and all that it entails.

Not being able to conceive a child as easily as it appears everyone else can (my goodness is my newsfeed full of ultrasounds and bright red, tiny babies) is very touchy and emotional subject for many people, including myself and Angela has always made talking about it very simple – whenever I have a question or feel alone in the process, Angela is always cheerful and her expertise makes me feel at ease.

-Amanda P.


When clients ask me…

for a recommendation for an agency, I can say, without hesitation, that It’s Time Surrogacy is a wonderful agency to work with.  They bring a full breadth of knowledge of surrogacy to the table, while still being very compassionate and capable.  She will hold your hand through every step of this process.

-Molly E. O’Brien, Esq., Law Offices of Molly O’Brien