04 Feb

Be The Change You Want to See – The SEEDS Ethics Conference

Be The Change You Want to See – The SEEDS Ethics Conference is a unique conference at a unique time.

February 26-27, 2016
Long Beach, California

At this conference you will hear:
• a debate about whether anonymous egg donation is ethical;
• tips on how to avoid burnout and manage stress;
• keynote speaker, Judith Daar, Chair of the ASRM Ethics Committee, who will walk us through ownership of the embryo at different stages;
• a provocative discussion of the risks of surrogacy and what reasonable risks are in light of a recent surrogacy tragedy;
• an update and explanation of the role of reproductive attorneys, highlighted by a discussion of nightmare cases and how to avoid them;
• medical risks to egg donors and how to ensure informed consent;
• a discussion of what happens after a surrogacy cycle—post-partum and administrative issues;
• first-hand stories from donors and gestational carriers about their diverse experiences;
• and first hand stories from adults in their 20s who were conceived through egg donation, telling us in their own words their thoughts, feelings and perceptions of their donor conceived families.

Join us at their cocktail party!
-16 lunch round table discussions
-Plenty of time for discussion and Q&A as well as networking
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