18 Aug

Our New Independent Surrogacy Option



It’s Your Journey. Independent Surrogacy a Better Way

We at It’s Time Surrogacy are well aware the cost of surrogacy is high, and many feel the agency fee is where they can save money in the long run. Though, we always strongly recommend using our full agency services to locate, screen, match and support your surrogacy journey from day one until your baby(ies) arrive we also know the cost of a full service agency is something that, at times, cannot be afforded. 

If you are a surrogate, or an intended parent and want agency support to navigate the initial stages up through contract completion this is something we do offer. The advantage of this option is you are able to locate your own surrogate/intended parents, negotiate your financial arrangements amongst yourselves, but have the agency support during the crucial set-up phase.  Having a solid foundation can make a big difference in an independent surrogacy match, and we want to help you.

Lastly, for those of you just exploring, or considering the independent surrogacy route we also offer consultation, and referral services. Learn more or contact us here for more information.